Leatherique Prestine Clean
Leatherique Prestine Clean
Leatherique Prestine Clean
Leatherique Prestine Clean
Leatherique Prestine Clean
Leatherique Prestine Clean

Leatherique Prestine Clean

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We get a lot of questions regarding how to take care of leather. It makes a lot of sense; all luxury and exotic cars are basically all leather interiors! Caring for leather is simple and comes down to a routine and process that must be followed and essentially no matter what the case is, always be very gentle on the leather. That means no harsh chemicals and no hard scrubbing. Leatherique has been around for a very long time and makes no car cleaning products. They only make leather care products. My experience with most things is that it's easier to do one thing amazingly well then several. So when we see detailing companies offer 30 different products and a leather cleaner, that cleaner won't be as good as a company that has only made leather cleaner for longer than most of us have been alive. Prestine Clean is a simple liquid product that you can rub into your leather and let it soak in. After it starts to soak, wipe it off and that's all it takes to maintain your leather.

Why We Use It

It is safe for your leather first and foremost. It won't dry it out or make it glossy. It will make it look how new leather should look and feel. It will maintain leather indefinitely with proper maintenance and is a great final step to a deeper cleaning to replenish the oils in the leather so it feels soft and how new leather feels.


I like to attach a sprayer to the bottle and spray the product onto a microfiber. Then I rub the microfiber into the leather. This gives better coverage on the towel but also uses less product, making a bottle of Prestine Clean last a very long time. I will wipe my steering wheel down at least once per month with this product and in winter maybe twice per month. It is not necessary to soak the leather as much as it is to use less but several applications. I tend to go over it twice.

If you deep clean with Gyeon Leather cleaner and/or the rejuvenating oil, you will want to follow that process with Prestine Clean.


This bottle will last you a year or so if you're caring for one car and wiping down the inside every couple months and the steering wheel monthly. If you don't drive that much, meaning the leather doesn't get used or touched often, then you won't need to apply very often and a bottle could last you years.


This is the premier leather cleaner on the market right now because of its remarkable ability to deep clean leather and make it look and feel new again. The Prestine Clean was created so the leather could readily absorb it to maximize the cleaning and conditioning power. While the formula is world renowned for it's cleaning power it has conditioners in it that provide valuable nourishment to the leather so it remains soft and flexible. After the Prestine Clean soaks deep in to the leather the surfactants help safely separate contaminates from the leather and force them to the surface for removal. Many other leather cleaners do not have the cleaning and conditioning power of the Prestine Clean, they rely on fillers to leave a glossy appearance. These fillers give the appearance of nice leather at first but over time, reduce the leathers ability to absorb conditioners that are essential to the longevity of your leather. Upon completion it leaves a beautiful matte finish that shows what clean and healthy leather should look like. Use it safely on leather, leatherette, vinyl, plastic and rubber surfaces. Therefore it works on virtually all seats and many interior trim pieces if desired. Leatherique has recently worked with the finest perfumers to create the great classic leather fragrence that makes this product a joy to work with. This subtle fragrance will linger on your leather, and the aroma has a touch of mimosa wood undertones that everyone loves! Upon completion the clean and matte appearance combined with healthy leather makes this the ideal leather care product. Leatherique also recommends that you use the Leatherique Rejuvenator Oil before hand for best results.

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