Gyeon Leather Brush
Gyeon Leather Brush
Gyeon Leather Brush
Gyeon Leather Brush
Gyeon Leather Brush
Gyeon Leather Brush

Gyeon Leather Brush

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Getting the right tool changes everything! Using a product like Gyeon Leather Cleaner with no brush will get somewhat satisfactory results. Using it with the Gyeon Leather Brush will get extraordinary results you will see and feel immediately! 

Why We Use It

We use the Leather Brush in our everyday leather care because it works fast but is gentle enough not to hurt the leather grain. This is crucial but common mistake. When detailing, it is easy to destroy the grain and feel of the leather when cleaning, but that's not an acceptable clean to us or any other car person. When you apply light pressure and gently agitate with this, brush you achieve the perfect level of cleaning and agitation to restore leather to like new condition.


Apply a leather cleaner product like Gyeon Leather cleaner on the leather and then gently with a little pressure scrub the surfaces with the leather brush. Let the brush and bristles do the work for you!


This Brush will last you years!


The Gyeon Leather Brush allows you to safely clean your leather surfaces! This brush is designed to be safe and effective on various types of leather, leatherette, and vinyl. The natural horsehair bristles are strong, yet gentle, allowing you to safely work your cleaner or conditioner into all the microscopic pores for a deeper cleaning and conditioning. The ergonomic wooden handle has rounded edges to avoid any damage and helps provide a good grip even if it happens to get wet. Upon completion of your cleaning, your leather will look and feel so much better. We highly recommend having this outstanding brush around during any of your leather treatments!

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