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We love Q2 Tire from Gyeon, but sometimes I want something that goes on a little faster and some people are definitely going to prefer the look of Perl! The solution to both problems is to offer both in our store because you better believe we have both on our shelf in the shop. Perl will look more wet and Q2 Tire looks more satin. The interesting thing about Perl is that you can dilute it and change the way it looks. It also gets easier to apply as you dilute it more! Especially if you put it in a spray bottle and spray it on then rub it in with a tire applicator.

Why We Use It

Perl is a big time saver but it also presents a different look than Q2 Tire. Our customer's tastes vary and about half prefer the look of Perl when compared to Q2. Additionally, sometimes we need to spray a tire dressing on to get good coverage like on a Jeep Tire for example. Q2 Tire cannot be sprayed on and that becomes a very tedious process.


Apply Perl straight/undiluted to your tire for a shiny look that isn't overpowering. If that's too much for you, grab an empty spray bottle and start diluting and testing for your best result. Everyone will prefer a different dilution. Perl can also be sprayed on straight. It is a great way to get good coverage and apply the product fast.


Perl will last around a month per application. You will notice the protection fade slowly over time just like any other protection but the tire will stay noticeably darker and cleaner looking. That great satin finish will wear off after about 1-2 weeks and if that's a very desirable look for you, like it is for me, then just reapply it more often to keep your tires looking amazing all the time!


Plastic, Engine, Rubber, Leather

PERL by CarPro is a concentrated versatile water-based, protective coating for plastics, rubber, and leather that offers tremendous UV protection.  PERL is a water based dilute to suit product, covering a large array of tasking within car care.  It can be used to restores the like-new appearance of hard exterior plastic surfaces and keeps them looking good with strong UV and hydrophobic protection.  The sun can be damaging on flexible materials, like rubber, plastic, and leather. Gradually & over the course of time they fade & become brittle and cracked.  PERL is changing the rules. PERL provides excellent protection and lasts up to three months!


  • UV protection: It protects against high grade UV degeneration while maintaining the supple feel and original color of treated surfaces.
  • Versatility: Interior Vinyl, Plastics, and Finished Leather / Exterior Plastic and Rubber Trim, Window Seals & Tires / Engine bays
  • Price and Value: PERL is sold in a concentrated form, offering tremendous value. Dilute it with water according to the instructions and pour into a spray bottle.
  • Appearance: Rich Satin look but not greasy
  • Revives dull, faded rubber, plastics, vinyl, acrylic, and leather.
  • Water-based and contains no solvents. It will not damage tires or dry out plastic. But once dry it offers a terrific hydrophobic layer repelling water, dirt, and grime.
  • Stops leather cracking and protects it from dirt and stains.
  • Surfaces treated with PERL will require less cleaning and they will retain their like-new look longer.

Dilutions: (Note- You are welcome to adjust any of the dilutions as you see fit and find many options work very well)  Below are some suggestions

  • External Plastics: 1 part Perl / 1~3 parts water
  • Engine: 1 part Perl / 1~3 parts water
  • Tires & Rubber: Undiluted~1:1 (I recomend 1:1)  2 thin coats with 20 minutes or more between will offer the best looking dark black tires you will find.
  • Interior Vinyl and Leather: 1 part PERL / 5 Parts water
  1. Clean the surface from dirt, oil, and dust
  2. Shake Diluted spray bottle
  3. Spray onto surface and wipe in a thin even layer. Do not over apply. 
  4. Wipe off as needed 
  5. Allow to dry before vehicle is used. 
  6. Can layer after 20mins if desired. 
  • Keep away from heat
  • Use in ventilated area
  • Avoid Skin and eye contact
  • Keep Container closed after use
  • Keep away from Children
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