CarPro HydrO2 Lite
CarPro HydrO2 Lite
CarPro HydrO2 Lite
CarPro HydrO2 Lite
CarPro HydrO2 Lite
CarPro HydrO2 Lite
CarPro HydrO2 Lite
CarPro HydrO2 Lite
CarPro HydrO2 Lite
CarPro HydrO2 Lite
CarPro HydrO2 Lite
CarPro HydrO2 Lite
CarPro HydrO2 Lite
CarPro HydrO2 Lite

CarPro HydrO2 Lite

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HydrO2 is leaps ahead of other products like it. It is a spray and rinse Ceramic Sealant. The other spray and rinse products on the market usually either gum up when layered or leave strange streaks you really need to rub off with a microfiber and that defeats the touch-less nature all together. To apply this product you simply wash the car then rinse it. Once you have clean water on the car, spray HydrO2 on a panel and rinse it with a hose or pressure washer. BAM! Instant protection and crazy hydrophobic properties! It just flat out shouldn't be that easy for how good it is and how high of a contact angle you get on the beads. They look almost identical to real ceramic beads. We like to call this type of product Ceramic Sealant. We have become more and more innovative since the use of wax on vehicles. The development of polymer-based sealants was produced next, then Ceramic Sealants, then finally the pinnacle of protection: Ceramic Coatings. 


Applying HydrO2 is easy and it works on everything. Put it on your glass, paint, trim and wheels. Just make sure to work panel by panel. This will give you great protection for the winter and every day of every season! It goes on so fast, I recommend you apply it as often as you want if cost of restocking isn't a problem. Consistently applying will maximize the protection, gloss, and beading, and it literally takes a solid extra 5-10 mins to apply to an entire car.

Why We Use It

Reload and Cure are fantastic but they do take longer and most importantly they require friction to apply. When we introduce friction to the equation we make it possible to scratch and mar the surface. Applying Cure and Reload to some wheels is truly difficult and won't get great coverage. A spray and rinse solution allows you to get total coverage with no issues, even the full wheel barrel while the wheel is still on the car. Most importantly it's touch-less! You never need to touch the car so it's impossible to scratch it. Spray on, rinse off, blow dry with a leaf blower or a blower of your choice and you're finished! We like to use our Master Blaster. This system is crucial on cars with really soft paint, especially if they are not ceramic coated with real ceramic and gained the benefits of 9H hardness. Even with 9H hardness, why test it with harsh methods? Least aggressive first, ALWAYS. Having said that, I still love Reload and Cure, especially on glass. If you don't have a blower, it can still be a great last step when drying. Every car guy and girl's situation is different. No matter what the situation, I have a bottle of Reload or Cure paired with HydrO2 on the shelf.


There is really only one way to apply HydrO2. Spray 2-4 sprays per panel. Then, rinse with a pressure washer ideally, but a garden hose will do the trick too. The magic here is spraying HydrO2 strategically so you can hit it with the pressure washer or hose and maximize coverage as you rinse it off. Spray once high, once medium, and once low on the panel for example. Then, rinse from bottom to top and spread it out so you rinse it over the fuller door. You can do an entire hood at once and use more around 6-8 sprays depending on hood size, just rinse it very well. Never apply in sun or when the car is very hot. If you just drove for 2 hours and want to clean the car, don't apply HydrO2 until it cools down a little and technically it's not even a great idea to wash when it's really hot around the engine, as in hood and fenders. It's best to park in the shade and let it cool off. In the past, I have noticed my HydrO2 will start to look a little weird and gum up more as it get older. The product still works well but may need a pass of Reload over top to even it out. The best way to avoid this is don't let it sit! Use it more often or buy it only if you have a few cars and plan to use it on them all, meaning you will use up the bottle quickly vs let it sit for a year.


HydrO2 will last up to 3 months. Your durability will vary if you park outside and drive around 1000 miles per month or what is considered heavy use. If you park in the garage all the time and drive your car on weekends only, you will get more than 6 months. How you use your car will determine your durability more than anything. It is simple to put on and performs so well that at the very least you should be reapplying every month or every other month if you don't drive much. You can apply it twice a month if you want to. The average person would think you had ceramic at the occasional cost of $26 and you could keep it up forever so your durability would be forever. The beading and self cleaning effect you gain is worth it!


One of our greatest innovations of all time (Hydro2) is now even easier to use and available in the new Ready To Use version known as HydrO2 Lite!

Introducing the incredibly easy to use, effective, and revolutionary TRUE WIPE-LESS spray sealant!  CarPro HydrO2 is formulated with Hydrophilic glass fibers, silicon polymers, and fluoropolymers and can be applied to all vehicle surfaces!  Paint, glass, plastic, convertible tops, wheels, calipers, and wheel wells are all easily within reach with HydrO2 Lite.  HydrO2 Lite was specifically formulated for the DIY guys looking to get the insane gloss and incredible self cleaning effect offered by Hydro2!  This amazing ready to use coat forms an ultra-water-repellent coating and is applied by simply spraying and then rinsing off with only water!   

A simple spray and rinse application saves time, and results in a durable silica shell that produces a brilliant protected shine that is incredibly easy to maintain.  Our "Hydroelectric bonding" function means HydrO2 Lite reacts chemically with water contact!  This means the coating transforms from Hydrophilic to Hydrophobic.  The pressure from spraying with water accelerates the bonding of HydrO2 Lite to the surface creating a Hydrophobic layer.  HydrO2 Lite is climate and temperature stable, and is an extremely effective long lasting water repellent that is resistant to nearly all acids, alkaline solutions, and solvents while offering significant UV (Ultra Violet) protection.  HydrO2 Lite is sold in Ready to Use form for those that prefer to avoid diluting products.



  • Ready to use
  • Beauty: Instantly enhances the gloss, depth, and smoothness of your paint
  • Easy to use in almost any environment. 
  • Hydro2 Lite can be used as a quick detailer, or after every time you wash.
  • Ease of Use: Spray on and rinse off or “spray on–wipe off”
  • Versatility: Use on any surface
  • Dirt and Water repellency: Dirt and water are repelled from the surface
  • Instant Vehicle Release: No cure time needed
  • Less wiping: With no more wiping and buffing waxes or sealants on and off the paint there is less chance of scratches. 
  • UV Protection
  • Resistant to nearly all acids, alkaline solutions, and solvents 
  • Durability: 3 months or more


  1. Do NOT apply HydrO2 in the sun or to a hot surface! Applying in this manner may cause streaks that do not wipe off easily.
  2. In shaded location or shop wash your vehicle and remove any dirt from the surfaces.  (Use CarPro Reset)
  3. Surface must be well cleaned from soap residue and left wet wth water.
  4. Spray fine mist of HydrO2 on no more than 1/4 of vehicle before rinsing.  Very little is needed and no overlap is needed.
  5. From time you start spraying a section to rinsing off should be approximately 30 seconds or less.  
  6. Immediately rinse well with strong water nozzle.  
  7. Repeat steps 4-6 on the next section of the vehicle rinsing well before moving to next section.
  8. Finish by "flood rinsing" the vehicle without a spray nozzle to push all the water off from top down.
  9. Dry any remaining water by blowing off or with the use of a clean Dry Me Crazy Jr.
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