Lake Country HDO Heavy Cutting Fiber Pad

Lake Country HDO Heavy Cutting Fiber Pad

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The Lake Country HDO Heavy Cutting Fiber Pad will help you remove heavy imperfections fast and easy! Heavy imperfections can be a pain in the you know what to remove, but when attacked with a high end microfiber pad and your favorite compound, these ugly imperfections can be a thing of the past. This pad is made of high end microfiber that allows you to remove heavy imperfections safely and with much less time and effort involved. The entire HDO line of pads are perfectly balanced, cushioned, and feature thinner foam. For the microfiber pad, you will see microfiber on the front and high end foam on the back. This thin foam reduces foam movement, which will reduce heat (10% cooler) which can cause hazing and micro-marring while polishing. All of the HDO pads are beveled at a 70 degree angle and this design prevents pad "rolling", allowing the pad to stay flat on the surface. The open cell cooling chamber in the center of the pad is another great feature of this pad as it helps keep the pad running at cooler temps, increasing durability and polishing results. The backing of these pads will also withstand the large throw of the Rupes, Griot's Boss and other high end large throw machines. This pad comes in three great sizes and the 3" pads are perfect for 3" backing plates, 5" pads fit on 5" backing plates and the 6" pads fit great on 6" backing plates. Pair this microfiber pad with your favorite compound and remove those ugly imperfections from your paint!

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