Gyeon Leather Cleaner
Gyeon Leather Cleaner
Gyeon Leather Cleaner
Gyeon Leather Cleaner
Gyeon Leather Cleaner
Gyeon Leather Cleaner
Gyeon Leather Cleaner
Gyeon Leather Cleaner

Gyeon Leather Cleaner

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Interior care is simple and should never take very long. We are often asked "What's the best way to keep leather clean" or "How is the leather in my car so perfect?!". The secret is simple! A premium leather cleaner with a light touch and a maintenance routine will practically keep your leather feeling new forever! If your leather is looking shiny instead of matte... it's time to pick up Gyeon Leather Cleaner!

Why We Use It

It is the perfect product to use for general maintenance or a slightly more in-depth cleaning when you combine it with a leather brush and agitate. It's a great two-in-one product that is very gentle on your leather! It's important to use this or any leather product with a light touch. Aggressive scrubbing with a brush or even microfiber can begin to ruin the leather grain over time. Especially on fine Nappa leather. Gyeon Leather is safe! An over aggressive technique will cause potential long term damage. 


Spray onto your leather and work with a leather brush until it begins to foam. Put very little pressure on the brush and just let the bristles and cleaner do the hard work. Work sections of the seat instead of the entire seat all at once. Once you finish scrubbing an area you will wipe it clean with a premium microfiber for a noticeably cleaner matte leather finish. 

During maintenance mode you can spray it on the leather or a towel and just wipe the surface. This pulls any new light dirt off and keeps your leather in a fantastic state when you do this routinely. I'd recommend at least monthly on a daily driven vehicle. I personally do this every two weeks and sometimes more often. On occasion, I follow this step with Prestine clean to hydrate the leather again. Those two products are a great combination!


This will last you a year or longer depending on how much you drive. Using light sprays and wipe downs on a daily driven car in maintenance mode will use very little product. If you have multiple cars or do deeper cleanings often you may go through a bottle or two per year. 



Superb maintenance products for outstanding detailing performance

Q²M Leather Cleaner Mild is an gentle yet effective pre-coating leather cleaner. Developed along with Gyeon’s high-end Q² Leather Shield, it is the ultimate leather preparation product for use before a coating application. It removes light dirt, oily residue and even light discoloration. Unlike most leather cleaners, the formula does not include any softening or preserving additives, leaving a surface ready for coating.


Q²M Leather Cleaner Mild is the perfect solution for daily maintenance and pre-coating preparation of leather upholstery. It does not contain any softening additives and does not leave any residue that could potentially interfere with a quality quartz coating. Q²M Leather Cleaner Mild leaves a fully matte finish and is suitable for all modern types of leather. It might be used on coated leather too, not removing the coating and gently cleansing the surface.


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