CarPro Reload 2.0
CarPro Reload 2.0
CarPro Reload 2.0
CarPro Reload 2.0

CarPro Reload 2.0

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The time has finally come. You’ve asked, we’ve been working tirelessly. Here is the long-awaited update to our legendary silica sealant: Reload.

Preserving the same ease of application, we managed to improve everything about Reload’s performance. In essence: more gloss, extended durability, improved chemical and environmental resistances.

Originally formulated to maintain the protection and finish quality of CQUARTZ coatings, Reload has also proven itself as a standalone sealant, where it can offer up to 3 months of protection on daily drivers. Reload’s easy to use waterborne formula can be applied to all vehicle surfaces (even when damp), making it perfect for quickly topping up your vehicle’s protection and shine.



A lot of companies throw the word "ceramic" around now and as a Professional Detailer of exotic cars, it drives me a little nuts! Detailers like myself see right past the crazy marketing and know they are full of themselves when they say it's "Real Ceramic". CarPro Reload 2.0 has 5% Sio2 in the bottle. This means it has ceramic in it but by no means makes it a true or real ceramic. It is an amazing product that can be applied a few different ways and will give you water beading and characteristics of real ceramic but it won't last years like real ceramic or give you some of the other benefits of real ceramic. I'm telling you this because you deserve a no spin-no marketing hype explanation as to what this and other products like it truly are. We like to call this type of product a Ceramic Sealant. Just like we had wax, then polymer based sealants, now we have ceramic sealants that are better than polymer sealants, and then real ceramic is the pinnacle. 


Applying Reload 2,0 to your glass will give you amazing water beading and even better than rain-x characteristics! Just apply it to the glass whenever you apply to the paint. It only adds a few mins to your application and will be worth every extra second when you drive in the rain and notice the huge improvement in visibility! 



When you infuse a product like Reload 2.0 with 5% Sio2 you are putting a little bit of ceramic onto the surface of the car. This means we get super hydrophobic properties that look nearly identical to a real ceramic coating that would cost over $1000! You also get that great self cleaning effect that keeps the car cleaner longer and makes washing easier. You won't get the scratch resistance and you will get limited chemical resistance when compared to real ceramic. Reload 2.0 is designed as your topper or "wax" if you already have a real Ceramic Coating. This would be your maintenance product but it still adds that glossy look on cars with no coating! 

Why We Use It

We use Reload 2.0 because it's just so easy to use! We knew you would love it because it's simple to put on and wipe off. The application goes on pretty effortlessly and leaves behind amazing gloss and protection. We like to use it every other wash or a least once a month. I often apply Reload while finishing my drying step after using my drying towels. That way I pick up the left over water and lay down protection and I'm not scratching anything because the car was just washed.


There are a few ways to apply Reload; you can clean the car and then spray reload on (this is the fast but not recommended way), you can wash then clay bar and use Iron remover if needed and then apply Reload (this a very good application!), but, the best application is to wash, clay bar and Iron if needed and then panel prep and finally apply Reload 2.0. This ensures Reload is bonding to the paint in the best way and boosts all the characteristics. When applying Reload 2.0 we recommend that you spray one to two sprays per panel and wipe off with an edge-less microfiber towel. Work the car panel by panel and split large areas like the hood into two halves and 3-4 sprays. A little goes a long way so don't empty half the bottle on your car!


Reload 2.0 will last up to 3 Months. It can last longer on sports cars that are not driven often! Your durability will vary if you park outside and drive around 1000 miles per month or what's considered heavy use. If you park in the garage all the time and drive your car on weekends only you will get more than 3 months. How you use your car will determine your durability more than anything. Like mentioned above, if you are driving a lot, you're going to fall into our method of every other wash or once a month after your wash, apply Reload 2.0. This will mean persistent protection on the car but also seemingly never ending ceramic style beading if you keep up the routine. The results are more than worth it! A bottle of Reload 2.0 used on one car should last months or even a year if it's only being used once per month on a weekend warrior car.


Sio2 Quartz Spray Sealant 

Reload 2.0 packs the deep wet gloss, slickness, beading, and incredible dirt repellency, into a convenient, spray-on, wipe-off sealant!  From the leader in automotive nano technology this formula was originally designed to maintain the protection and quality of CQuartz coatings.  However CarPro Reload is no "one trick pony", and has proven itself as an industry leading stand-alone sealant!  Durability of up to 3 months on daily drivers is not uncommon and better yet it stays glossy wash after wash!  Reloads easy to use waterborne formula can be applied to all vehicle surfaces, wet or dry making it perfect for topping up your vehicles protection and shine in a jiffy!

Reload 2.0 offers a slick, hydrophobic coat, which repels water like no other.  Coupled with its ability to repel dirt & grime this leaves a long lasting, deep rich gloss!  CarPro Reload 2.0 is very easy to use and ideal for both enthusiast and professionals alike.  Once applied Reload 2.0 keeps your paint clean and glossy longer, makes washing the car easier, and allows you to dry it faster!   

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  • Excellent UV Protection
  • Extreme gloss that stays!
  • Just waxed slickness that lasts
  • Keeps surfaces cleaner longer
  • Fast and easy
  • Excellent for topping CQuartz
  • Apply wet or dry
  • Excellent on rubber and plastic trim
  • Repels rain & grime


  1. Shake well.

  2. Spray Reload 2.0 over a section (~50x50cm).

  3. Spread evenly with a MF towel.

  4. Wait 30-60s.

  5. Use a 2nd MF towel to give it a final wipe until the finish is clear.

  6. Move to next section.

NOTE   Do not apply in direct sunlight. Flip MF sides between car panels.

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