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CarPro Release

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For use as a Quick Detailer or as a Post Coating / Pre-delivery Spray 

CARPRO Release is one of the most phenomenal Quick Detail sprays you will ever use, but was designed with MUCH more in mind...   Release offers slickness, added gloss, and a little protection to boot. We LOVE Release as a quick detailer, but its initial concept and design goes much deeper... As you will find, its original intent is what defines the name "Release"! Release was designed as a temporary protective measure on freshly applied ceramic coatings during the first few days after application. Release mitigates the effects of moisture, bugs, and environmental conditions on ceramic coatings (especially a relatively fresh coating where it's needed most).  

So why the name "Release"? That answer is very simple but may sound slightly complex at first. Release is a double entendre, which is fitting since it works amazing at two things! Release can mean:

1.- That if you are forced to release a car earlier than you want after installing a ceramic coating, then you can use CARPRO Release to add some temporary protection to it before its release!  

2. CARPRO Release allows water and dirt to release easily from it! 

Of all the products in our CARPRO lineup, Release has got to be the easiest and most foolproof we have worked with! Get yours today! 


  • High gloss detail spray.
  • Hyper slick.
  • Fast & easy.
  • Works great on both coated and un-coated vehicles.
  • Mitigates the effects of moisture and bugs.
  • Temporary protection for fresh ceramic coatings.

Directions for use as a Quick Detailer on a coated or uncoated vehicle:

  1. Shake bottle.
  2. Spray across small panel or half of a large panel.
  3. Gently wipe in and then off with a towel.  Final buff with a fresh side if needed.
  4. Move to next section/panel, repeat steps 2 & 3, and continue around vehicle.
  5. Flip to new side / new towel as needed.
  • Note: If vehicle has just been coated, wait 4 hours OR else IR cure before applying Release as directed above.


  • Test product on inconspicuous area before use.
  • Store in cool dry place.
  • Keep away from children.
  • Do not ingest.
  • As with all chemicals, we recommend eye, skin, and respiratory protection.

CARPRO Release FAQ: 

Q. Can I use CARPRO Release in the sun?

A. Yes.   

Q. Is Release a cleaner?

A. No

Q. Does Release have protection in it? 

A. Yes, but very temporary.  It will wash off with the first use of CARPRO Reset or most any soap.

Q. Can I use Release as a wipe down before coating?

A. No, it can harm the ability of the paint to bond with the coating. Stick with CARPRO Eraser for a wipe-down solution. That is what Eraser was designed for.   

Q. Can I use Release for wiping down a car that I just coated? 

A. We recommend you wait 4 hours OR after an IR cure to use Release.

Q. Can I use Release on other surfaces?

A. Yes! It leaves chrome incredibly clean, slick, and glossy! CARPRO Release works great on glass and other hard surfaces as well.

Q. Can I use CARPRO Release on plastic?

A. It depends on the plastic or rubber. Always try in an inconspicuous area and test for a few days before use on a new surface that hasn't been tested.

Q. Can I use Release on interiors?

A. Not recommended

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