What's the best tire and wheel cleaner?

What's the best tire and wheel cleaner?

Do you hate cleaning wheels too? I never enjoyed cleaning wheels. It's just a fact, it wasn't fun and I did a horrible job because I didn't have my heart in it. This was years ago before I knew the right products could solve the problem!

The Best Is Out There.

Status Detail was founded on a simple idea. We would be the best, period! We would offer the best customer service while offering high-end services and exacting work. To accomplish this, and when you're me, you research products every second of every day and then you test and repeat. The result... you spend a tremendous amount of money and time finding the best available products. The good news is, I saved you that time and I found the best wheel cleaner available on the market.
gyeon tire cleaner comparison
gyeon tire cleaner comparison photo

Introducing Gyeon 

Gyeon Tire Cleaner is designed to clean both rims and tires. Gyeon thought Gyeon tire and wheel cleaner was too long of a name and decided to call it just Gyeon Tire Cleaner. Confusing yes, but it works on both and it will completely astound you when you see how well it works. This product changed the way we looked at wheel cleaning. It is very strong while being safe on all wheels and even safe on waxed and ceramic coated wheels. In fact, it's formulated specifically to not degrade your ceramic coated wheels. 

The Touchless Wheel Cleaner

You can use this product as a completely touchless solution. Spray it on your dirty wheels and rims. Let it dwell for 30 seconds and then rinse with a pressure washer. 99% of the dirt will come off unless you haven't cleaned your wheels in a year... then you need a better maintenance plan and wheel brushes to really scrub it out.
does gyeon tire cleaner work on wheels?

Changed The Game Forever 

Speaking of brushes. Brushes changed the wheel routine for me completely. Cleaning wheels with the right brushes and gyeon tire cleaner made me fall in love with the process. Being able to fully clean wheels to perfection while also being able to clean them much faster made the process exponentially more enjoyable! If you don't have a ceramic sealant like Gyeon Wet Coat on wheels or a very infrequent maintenance wash schedule like 2-3 months per wash then you will want wheel brushes to get that perfect clean.  

Gyeon Tire Cleaner = Perfection 

The first time you spray Gyeon Tire Cleaner on your wheels and tires and rinse it off to a perfectly clean wheel, you will know why this is the product we use exclusively on exotic cars routinely. Discover the product page here. We also offer it in a wheel cleaning package here. 
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Also Try Brake Buster and Gyeon Q2 Tire or Perl as your go to Tire wet!

See Gyeon Tire and Wheel Cleaner in Action!